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Unisite Group Ltd.

Lifting and Hoisting Equipment,Lifting and Hoisting Equipments,Lifting and Hoisting Equipment Price

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Lifting and hoisting equipment price

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    Вид оплаты: L/C,T/T
    Incoterm: FOB,CFR,CIF
    Количество минимального заказа: 1 Piece/Pieces
    Срок поставки: 30 дней

Базовая информация

Модель: USA-195

Dimension: As Per Drawing/order

Standard: AISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS

Lifting And Hoisting Equipment: Lifting And Hoisting Equipments

Purpose: Hoisting

Grade: High Strength/grade Material(BV,DNV,GL,LR,CCS) Or

Application: Hoisting

Type: Heavy

Surface: As Per Order, Can Be Done Highest Quality Painting

Certificate: BV,DNV,GL,LR,CCS

Processing: Steel Fabricate,assembly,welding, Casting , Machin

Additional Info

Подробности Упаковки: bulk package and bulk vessel transportation container package and container transportation

марка: UniSite

транспорт: Ocean,Land

Место происхождения: china mainland(zhejiang)

Сертификаты : BV/DNV/GL/LR/CCS

Описание продукта

Lifting equipment according to the different structures can be divided into small light lifting equipment, elevators, cranes, and overhead monorail system and other categories. Small light lifting equipment mainly includes hoist, spreader, jacks, manual hoist, electric hoist and ordinary winch, mostly small volume, light weight, easy to use. In addition to the electric hoist and hoist, the vast majority of human power, suitable for the occasion of work is not heavy. They can be used alone, also can be used as a crane's hoisting mechanism.

Lifting and hoisting equipment price

Maintenance of hoisting equipment

No matter what is the industry, in the use of heavy equipment to make a safety check for the lifting equipment and lifting equipment were a repair and maintenance, timely detection of abnormal situation, and timely treatment, ensure heavy machinery safe operation, to avoid any accidents occur. Put some hidden dangers in the bud in the eradication of the state, so that not only is responsible for the progress of the project, but also responsible for the lives and property of the construction personnel.

One, from the following three aspects to ensure the need to check the cause of heavy equipment:

1, check up the heavy equipment all types of protective cover, guardrail, door plate, ladder etc. whether complete, reliable, crane exposure may cause winding wounding, open transmission; coupling, sprocket, a chain, a transmission belt to rotate spare part protective cover, crane passage ladder and may cause personnel exposed parts of the door bar, whether to meet the requirements.

2, the open pit as a crane electrical equipment should be protected rain cover.

3, brake, brake pattern meets the design requirements, the brake pull rod, a spring without fatigue deformation, cracks and defects; pin shaft and the spindle, brake wheel, brake friction or excessive wear, hydraulic brake is oil; brake clearance adjusting system, ability can meet the requirements.

Two, crane general eight components of the safety inspection:

1, hook. Check hook marker and anti removal device is in accordance with the requirements of the hook has no cracks, spalling etc. defects; hook section of wear, opening degree increase, torsion deformation, whether the excessive; hook neck and surface with and without fatigue deformation, crack and a pin shaft, set wear.

2, wire rope. Common varieties have phosphating coating steel wire rope, galvanized steel wire rope and plain steel wire rope, rope inspection specifications, models and the pulley reel needs to match with the design requirements. Whether the steel wire rope fixing device of the fixed end of the wire rope is in compliance with the requirements. The steel wire rope wear, broken wire, kink, flattening, bending, breaking and corrosion will exceed the standard.

3, brake device.

4, drum. Drum body, a barrel edge fatigue crack, breakage, etc.; rope groove and the cylinder wall wear is excessive; drum flange height and the wire rope winding layers can match; guide rope, rope arranging device work situation whether meet the requirements.

5, pulley. Pulley is equipped with anti de rope groove device; whether there are cracks the pulley groove and flange, broken edge and wear standard status and pulley to rotate is flexible.

6, speed reducer. Reducer running any abnormal sound in violent metal friction sound, vibration and shell radiation and so on; shaft end is sealed in good condition, the fixed bolt is loose defect; reducer lubrication oil selection, the height of the oil surface, vertical reducer lubrication oil pump running, open gear transmission lubrication whether meet the requirements.

7, wheel. Whether the tread of the wheel and the wheel axle have the fatigue crack phenomenon, whether the wheel tread wheel shaft wear is excessive. Does the running of the phenomenon of eating track. What is the cause of the rail.

Three, crane's daily maintenance management:

1, Japan seized. The routine maintenance of the operation by the driver, the main content of cleaning, lubrication transmission parts, adjust and tighten the work. By running the test security device sensitive and reliable, monitor the operation of the abnormal sound.

2, weekly inspection. Carried out jointly by maintenance workers and drivers. In addition to the daily inspection project, the main content is visual inspection, check hook, fetching device, steel wire rope, etc. the safety state, brakes, clutch, emergency alarm device sensitive, reliability, through observation transmission parts have no abnormal noise and overheating.

3, month inspection. By equipment safety management department inspection organization, with the use of the relevant staff together, in addition to the weekly inspection content, mainly the power system of hoisting machinery, hoisting mechanism, slewing mechanism, operation mechanism, hydraulic system state detection, replace worn, deformation, cracks, corrosion of parts, of electrical control system, check the feed device, controller, overload protection, safety protection device is reliable. Failure symptoms caused by leakage, pressure, temperature, vibration, noise and other causes of the lifting machinery by testing operation. The observation of the structure, support, transmission parts of the state of subjective detection, understand the status of the crane machine, check to determine the abnormal phenomenon of the fault source.

4, annual inspection. By the unit leadership equipment safety management department corbel, together with the relevant departments jointly carry out, in addition to the monthly inspection program, mainly of hoisting machinery were technical parameter test, reliability test, by detecting instrument, hoisting machinery, the moving parts wear, metal structure of welding, NDT, through the test of safety devices and components, the operation condition of heavy equipment was evaluated. Arrangements for major repairs, renovation and renewal.

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